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Some professional growers combine BotaniGard products in the tank with other insecticides for greater pest control. With BotaniGard Maxx, it's no longer necessary to mix with chemicals in a resistance management program. This insecticide contains the same natural active ingredient as other BotaniGard insecticides but also a secondary ingredient for maximum control. It can be used to protect profitable crops and flowers from aphids, thrips and other resistant pests.

How BotaniGard Maxx Works

BotaniGard Maxx contains a naturally occurring ingredient called Beauveria bassiana strain GHA. These fungal spores attach to the larvae and break through their cuticle. They grow and develop within the insects' bodies, killing them over time. Maxx also contains natural pyrethrins to kill adult insects in the target areas. The pyrethrins act on the insects' nervous system, causing paralysis and death. These two ingredients are a powerful combination in the fight against adult and larval infestations.

Where to Use BotaniGard Maxx Insecticide

Use BotaniGard Maxx insecticide where aphids, whiteflies and other pests may cause damage to profitable crops. It can be applied to ornamental flowers in greenhouses and plant nurseries, as well as food crops that are grown in the field when used as directed. It's also labeled for use on commercial landscapes and turf to control everything from spider mites to weevils. It knocks down adult pests while also providing long-lasting control by killing the young. Some common places for use include:

  • Shadehouses
  • Interiorscapes
  • Commercial turf
  • Improved pastures

Target Pests

BotaniGard Maxx offers maximum protection against leaf-feeding insects in fields and interior plantscapes. It knocks down and controls whiteflies, aphids and thrips, some of the most common pests in greenhouses and other areas. It kills spider mites, psyllids and mealybugs, as well as leafhoppers and various plant bugs. Use it to kill borers, beetles and chinch bugs in the turf.

Benefits of BotaniGard Maxx

BotaniGard Maxx is the perfect product for use in a nonchemical pest control program. It contains naturally occurring ingredients that control adult insects and their larvae. It's a powerful combo that doesn't require a tank-mix partner for more effectiveness. It can be used in field-grown crops, greenhouses, commercial turf and interiorscapes to control pests and to prevent a population explosion. The main benefits include:

  • Contains two ingredients for maximum control
  • Targets the adult and the young
  • Can be applied easily with a hand sprayer
  • Kills crane flies, fungus gnats and other common pests
  • Can be used on food crops such as fruits, berries and grains

Get Fast-Acting Pest Control With BotaniGard Maxx

BotaniGard Maxx is the perfect alternative to chemical insecticides. Because it contains two active ingredients, there's no need to use an adulticide in the tank. The natural pyrethrins target the adult insects while the spores target, kill and control the larvae. It can be applied on interior plantscapes and field-grown crops to protect profitable plants from damage. Whether it's chinch bugs damaging commercial landscapes or aphid larvae destroying ornamental flowers, take control of the entire population with BotaniGard Maxx insecticide.

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