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BotaniGard ES offers the same powerful ingredient as BotaniGard 22WP but in a liquid formulation. The active ingredient works on resistant pest larvae and prevents them from causing a massive infestation later in greenhouses and on field-grown food crops and ornamentals. It's easy to apply to the target area and can be mixed in the tank with other pesticides for greater control of aphids, thrips and more.

How BotaniGard ES Works

BotaniGard ES doesn't contain toxic chemicals like other insecticides do. Instead, it contains Beauveria bassiana strain GHA, a naturally occurring fungus that's often used to control insect larvae in profitable crops. It works by releasing spores that attach to the larvae and break through their cuticles, growing inside their bodies and killing the young. It doesn't knock down adult pests but will prevent the young from maturing and causing a massive infestation in the target area in the future.

Where to Use BotaniGard Insecticide

Use BotaniGard ES anywhere aphids, whiteflies and other pests threaten ornamental flowers and food crops such as fruits and vegetables. It contains a high spore concentration and provides the same control over nuisance pests as chemical pesticides do. Use it as part of a resistance management program in greenhouses, plant nurseries and field-grown crops. It can be used on a variety of food crops and mixed in the tank with other pesticides to offer more control over the target pests.

Target Pests

BotaniGard ES doesn't provide quick knockdown of adult pest insects like some other insecticides do. Instead, it targets the young and controls the insects at the very early stages of development. It works on aphids, thrips and whiteflies, including psyllids and scarab beetles. Use it to control weevil populations and to reduce their numbers, saving profitable crops from massive damage.

Benefits of BotaniGard ES Insecticide

One of the major benefits of using BotaniGard ES over other insecticides is its active ingredient. This product doesn't use toxic chemicals to kill the pests. It uses a naturally occurring, environmentally friendly ingredient to target the young insects, preventing them from causing an infestation later in the target area. Because it's natural, it can be used on fruits, berries, vegetables and other food crops to protect them from resistant pests. Other benefits include:

  • Can be applied as a tank-mix partner
  • Targets aphids, whiteflies, thrips and more
  • For use in greenhouses and field-grown crops
  • Brings insect populations under control
  • Can be applied multiple times in a season

Knock Out Infestations With BotaniGard ES

When it's impossible to use chemical pesticides in the target area, use BotaniGard ES insecticide. It contains a naturally occurring ingredient to target young insect pests and to reduce their populations for greater control in greenhouses, plant nurseries and fields where profitable crops are grown. It's safe to mix with other insecticides and can be an important part of a pest management program. Whether it's aphids or mealybugs, BotaniGard ES wipes out the larvae and offers the same level of control as chemical insecticides.

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