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Some insect pests threaten vital food crops as well as ornamental plants in greenhouses. BotaniGard 22WP comes in an easy-to-use wettable powder and contains a naturally occurring ingredient to target everything from aphids to whiteflies. These pests cause a lot of damage to crops, decreasing the profits of commercial growers. BotaniGard controls insects at the early stages and prevents unwanted infestations in the target areas.

How BotaniGard 22WP Works

BotaniGard 22WP comes in a powder formulation and is used to control various insect pests on profitable crops such as vegetables and ornamental flowers. It contains the active strain Beauveria bassiana strain GHA, a naturally occurring fungus. It works by infecting the young insects with spores, which break through the cuticle and infect the body. Infected insects can be seen changing colors from white to pinkish and dying not long after exposure to the product.

Where to Use BotaniGard Insecticide

Use BotaniGard 22WP in areas where fruits, flowers and other plants need to be protected from insect larvae. This product is ideal for use in a resistance management program and can be applied to small and large crops in plant nurseries, greenhouses and fields. It can also be combined with other pesticides as a tank-mix partner, providing more control over various insect pests. Because it's gentle on the plants, it's possible to apply BotaniGard 22WP multiple times in a growing season to keep the pest populations low and under control.

Target Pests

BotaniGard controls soft-bodied insect pests in greenhouses and also on field-grown crops such as herbs, fruits and berries. It prevents aphid infestations and the damage they can cause when not controlled in time. It targets other common greenhouse pests such as whiteflies, thrips and weevils. Use BotaniGard to kill and prevent future infestations of scarab beetles, mealybugs and psyllids. It doesn't provide quick knockdown of adult pests but will keep the young from maturing and causing an infestation later.

Advantages of BotaniGard 22WP

BotaniGard 22WP uses a natural fungus to control insect larvae and to prevent them from destroying flowers and food crops. It can be applied many times in a season and mixed with other insecticides for maximum pest control. A single application each week can help to stop a massive infestation weeks later. Some other benefits include:

  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Targets aphids, whiteflies and other common pests
  • Can be used in greenhouses and on field-grown crops
  • Safe for use on veggies, fruits and other edible crops

BotaniGard Works on the Most Resistant Pests

Aphid larvae are known for causing widespread damage to ornamental flowers and other plants. With BotaniGard 22WP, it's easy to get these insects under control in the greenhouse or in the field. It controls the most resistant greenhouse pests, such as weevils and thrips, and can be applied numerous times to keep the populations low. When applied as a tank-mix partner, BotaniGard works even better and offers more pest control for commercial growers. It doesn't contain any harmful chemicals, so there's no worry about applying it weekly on certain food crops.

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