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It's always a good idea to use baits that have different food ingredients to attract bait-averse and nonbait-averse cockroaches. Alpine Roach Gel Rotation 2 is part of a rotation system with Alpine Gel Rotation 1. Both bait gels have the same active ingredient but have different food ingredients to target all roach species. It's easy to apply and continues to work long after a single application.

How Alpine Rotation 2 Gel Works

The Alpine rotation system is effective at killing roaches that are or will become averse to certain gels and other baits. Once Rotation 1 has been used, it's time to add Rotation 2 to the mix. Both rotations include dinotefuran as the active ingredient. It disrupts the insects' nervous system and causes paralysis and death within a few hours. It has a complex mode of action that works against the cockroaches and prevents them from becoming resistant to the gel.

Where to Use Alpine Rotation 2 Gel

Use Rotation 2 Alpine roach gel indoors to combat existing infestations. It has a reduced-risk status from the Environmental Protection Agency, so it can be used in homes and food-handling establishments. Use it in hospitals, hotels and commercial kitchens to target roaches and to control infestations. It can be applied to cracks and crevices, wall voids and gaps around pipes and vents. Just rotate between Rotation 1 and Rotation 2 every six months for maximum results in the target areas.

Target Pests

Alpine roach gel targets roaches of all kinds. Even bait-averse German roaches are lured by the gels. Because dinotefuran is a nonrepellent, it works well for eliminating an entire infestation in days. It kills German and American cockroaches, including brown-banded and Asian roaches in a variety of settings. Apply drops of gel every three feet along cabinets and walls to target the roaches where they travel. Applying a bead of gel along cracks and crevices will also target the roaches as they invade interior spaces.

Benefits of Using Alpine Rotation Gels

It's not always possible to spray chemical insecticides in roach-infested areas. One benefit of Alpine roach gel is its reduced-risk status, so it can be used in public spaces and food-handling establishments like restaurants and hotel kitchens. It only needs to be changed out every six months to keep killing roaches and to stop infestations from reoccurring. Some other major benefits include:

  • Targets bait- and nonbait-averse cockroaches
  • Contains an active ingredient that kills within hours
  • Eliminates infestations within days
  • Part of a rotation system for maximum roach control
  • Provides high secondary nymphal mortality

Prevent Roach Infestations With Alpine Rotation 2 Gel

It takes an effective rotation system to kill cockroaches and to keep them out of homes, businesses and other areas. Alpine's gel rotation system is ideal for roach control, targeting and killing many different roach species with the nonrepellent ingredient dinotefuran. It works within hours to paralyze the roaches and offers secondary nymphal mortality to combat future infestations. It's easy to apply and approved by the EPA for public health use.

Manufacturer BASF
Primary Pest Cockroaches
Utility  Bait
Active Ingredient Dinotefuran, Other Ingredients
Composition .5%,99.5%
Container Size 4x30gm
Case Amount 5x(4x30 gm)
Application Amount See label for details.



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