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The Aura ILT fly light is an effective fly killer disguised in a contemporary design. It's not like other fly lights that use electricity to kill flies. It uses a patented green light to attract the pests and then to trap them on a glue board hidden out of view. It's perfect for use in many commercial spaces to keep flies from bothering the customers.

How Aura ILT Fly Lights Work

Aura lights by Synergetic all have a 360-degree design for capturing flies from every angle. The Synergetic green light in the middle attracts flies to the unit, unaware that there's a glue board positioned behind the front plate. Glue covers the entire surface of the board and keeps the flies stuck and unable to escape. Better yet, the glue board traps the flies out of view, so customers will never see them even though the lights are positioned out in the open.

Where to Use the Aura ILT Fly Light

The Aura ILT fly light is designed for use in commercial areas. It attracts flies in restaurants and bars and can even reduce fly populations in hotels. Install the lights in cafes to stop flies from buzzing around customers as they eat. Because they have a modern design, they can be set up anywhere inside to complement the aesthetic. They're easy to install and stop flies from running the customers out of the building.

Target Pests

Aura fly lights are made to capture flies in a variety of settings, from restaurants to hotel bars. They work for gnat, fruit fly and other fly infestations in businesses where food and drinks are served. They can also capture secondary flying and crawling pests and keep them hidden from view on the glue board. The patented green light attracts all sorts of flying insects and stops them from bothering the customers.

Why Use Aura ILT Fly Lights?

Aura decorative fly lights provide many benefits for businesses. Their stylish design makes them look like part of the decor while the illuminating green light lures flies to the glue board. They're discreet and have a modern design to make them fit into any contemporary space. They're also easy to install and don't require special tools to open or use. The main reasons why businesses should use Aura lights include:

  • Modern, stylish design
  • Attracts flies from a full 360 degrees
  • Patented Synergetic green light
  • Can be used in cafes, restaurants and bars
  • Keeps trapped flies out of view

Aura ILT Fly Lights are Discreet and Effective

The stylish design of the Aura ILT fly lights make them the perfect choice for use in hotels, restaurants and other commercial interiors. They attract flies within 430 square feet and trap them on highly effective glue boards. Since the boards are out of view, the customers will never see dead flies where they eat and drink. There's no toxic chemicals to worry about, making them the ideal choice to use anywhere flies, gnats and other flying pests bother customers as they dine.

Manufacturer Pelsis
Primary Pest Flying Insects
Utility  Light
Container Size Each



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