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Pest infestations start small and grow larger in number, overtaking interior and exterior areas in no time. Using adulticides works to control the mature insects, but it would be nice if there were a product that controlled the pests at the egg stage. Introducing Archer IGR, an insect growth regulator that starts to control infestations at the egg and larval stages, preventing infestations from happening in the first place.

How Archer IGR Insecticide Works

Archer IGR is an insect growth regulator that does what its name implies: It regulates the growth of an insect. It contains the active ingredient pyridine, which targets the eggs and the larvae of various pest species. It disrupts the developmental growth of the insect, preventing it from maturing into a breeding adult. Most infected larvae die once they reach the pupal stage, but any surviving pests won't be able to reproduce as adults.

Where to Use Archer for Pest Insects

Archer is labeled for use indoors and outdoors, making it a viable product for controlling a variety of stubborn insect pests. It can be used in schools, restaurants and other areas where insects have invaded the interior space. Use it at home to kill and control flea infestations, and apply the IGR outdoors to tackle various flying and crawling insects. The liquid formulation can penetrate carpet fibers and upholstery, reaching the eggs and preventing their development.

Target Pests

Archer IGR is made to target the eggs and larvae, not the adults. It's best to use this insect growth regulator with a traditional insecticide to control insect pests at all life stages. This IGR works on many different insects, from stored-product pests like Indian meal moths to blood-sucking insects such as fleas. It also works outdoors to control ticks, mosquitoes and ants.

Benefits of Using Archer IGR

Because Archer IGR can be used in residential and commercial interiors, it's easy to stop infestations before they get out of control. It applies easily as a spray and has a concentrated formula to target insect eggs, larvae and pupae, halting their developmental growth. It controls everything from ants to mosquitoes and keeps gnat populations under control indoors and outdoors. Other benefits include:

  • Disrupts the insects' life cycle
  • Used for indoor and outdoor pest infestations
  • Combines with insecticides for total pest control
  • Can be applied in restaurants and other food-handling areas
  • Works on a variety of pests, such as mosquitoes and ants

Archer IGR Helps Control Pest Infestations

It doesn't take long for Archer IGR to deliver effective results when fighting pest infestations. Though the active ingredient doesn't kill the pests, it does inhibit their growth and development. It doesn't just target the immature larvae; it also targets the eggs, which many insecticides can't do. Using this IGR is an effective way to stop infestations before they happen. It reduces the population by affecting the eggs and larvae. If they're unable to develop properly, they can't mature into breeding adults, thus ending an infestation before it can even get started.


Manufacturer Syngenta
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Growth Regular
Active Ingredient Pyriproxyfen:2- [1-methyl-2-(4-phenoxyphenoxy) ethoxy] pyridine
Composition 1.3%,98.7%
Container Size 1 pint
Case Amount 8x1 pints
Application Amount See label for details.



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