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Antixx Liquid Ant Bait contains an effective formula for killing and controlling many different ant species. It works both indoors and outdoors and can eliminate a colony within three to 14 days. It's easy to apply in the target area and offers wider coverage than granular ant insecticides. It works quickly and provides better results than using broad-spectrum insecticides for ant control.

How Antixx Liquid Ant Killer Works

Antixx Liquid Ant Bait contains the same active ingredient found in other Antixx products: spinosad. This ingredient offers an effective mode of action, working within 24 to 36 hours after ingestion. It causes spasms in the ants' muscles and leads to paralysis over time. After an application, it takes about a day or two to see dead ants around the nest. The active ingredient works on contact and by ingestion, so it moves quickly through the colony and affects other members who do not consume the bait.

Where to Use Antixx Liquid to Kill Ants

Ants can be found most anywhere, from home lawns to commercial kitchens. Use Antixx to kill ants in residential and commercial areas. It can be used indoors to get rid of ants that have invaded pantries, bathrooms and other interior spaces. It works just as effectively outdoors in industrial areas and roadsides, as well as recreational sites such as athletic fields and playgrounds. Apply Antixx on driveways and walkways to get rid of ant mounds that emerge through the cracks.

Target Pests

Antixx Liquid Ant Bait with spinosad targets a variety of ant species and provides residual ant control for up to a month after application. It kills everything from foraging fire ants to carpenter ants, preventing mounds in lawns and damage to wood siding and decks. It works on little black ants and acrobat ants, eliminating entire colonies in days. Other ant species include:

  • Argentine ants
  • Odorous house ants
  • Big-headed ants
  • Rasberry crazy ants
  • Pavement ants

Benefits of Antixx Liquid Ant Killer

Antixx ant killer is effective on many foraging and sweet-feeding ants in residential lawns, commercial landscapes and recreational fields. It acts quickly to eliminate the entire colony, preventing the ants from spreading to other parts of the area. It works on contact and by ingestion, so it targets every ant that comes into contact with the bait. Other benefits of using Antixx Liquid Ant Bait include:

  • Remains active for as many as four weeks
  • Used for killing indoor and outdoor ants
  • Can be used with spill-proof ant bait stations
  • Contains an active ingredient to kill ants in 48 hours

Kill Ants Quickly With Antixx Liquid Ant Bait

Ant infestations will spread to other parts of the lawn if nothing is done to prevent it. Antixx ant bait works within 48 hours of application and continues to provide effective ant control for up to four weeks. It kills a variety of ant species in less time than the competing broad-spectrum insecticide. Whether it's carpenter ants or odorous house ants, nothing knocks out an infestation faster than Antixx Liquid Ant Bait.


Manufacturer Neudorff®
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Concentrated Liquid
Active Ingredient Spinosad, Other Ingredients
Composition .015%, 99.985%
Container Size 1 Quart
Application Amount See label for details.



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