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The Andersons 7-14-14 is a granular fertilizer for use on professional turf and landscapes. It contains a slow-release nitrogen to feed the turf over time and is best applied when conditions are dry. It contains a proven technology to require less watering, resulting in less downtime and a dry, firm playing surface. The granules disperse evenly into the turf canopy and don't leave behind a sticky residue.

How The Andersons 7-14-14 Works

The Andersons fertilizer contains homogeneous dispersing granules that melt into the canopy with less water than other granular fertilizers. It has a 7 percent blend of nitrogen that releases slowly from MUtech. It also contains 14 percent phosphate and 14 percent soluble potash (K2O). Included also is 2 percent magnesium and 9.92 percent sulfur to improve the soil conditions and the overall health and appearance of the turf.

Where to Use The Andersons 7-14-14

The Andersons 7-14-14 is a lawn/turf fertilizer but designed for use on golf courses. The greens grade can be applied to most greens across the course as it turns into thousands of particles upon application with water. It quickly moves into the green turf and dries quickly. There's no residue left behind after an application, which means no sticky fertilizer on golf balls, shoes or playing equipment. Using The Andersons fertilizer on the course means less time watering, less effort with maintenance and more time playing golf.

Target Uses

The Andersons lawn/turf fertilizer is used to feed the turf vital nutrients for growth and development. The blend of slow-release nitrogen improves the turf over time while other micronutrients correct and prevent deficiencies that cause wilting, dry spots and other damage. It should be applied to dry turf as it can stain wet turf. To avoid a black or brown appearance, avoid applying The Andersons fertilizer before a rainfall or if the irrigation system is set to operate soon after application.

The Andersons 7-14-14 Features and Benefits

It's the slow-release nitrogen that makes The Andersons 7-14-14 a benefit to golf course superintendents. When applied as directed, there's less worry about burning the turf. The dispersible granules turn into fine particles upon contact with water and move through the turf to the root zone, providing the grass with the right nutrients for healthy growth and development. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Doesn't leave behind a fertilizer residue on golf balls and shoes
  • Creates a drier, firmer green for optimum playtime
  • Moves through the turf to the roots quickly after application
  • Easily applied with an Andersons, Scotts or Lesco spreader

The Andersons 7-14-14 26MU Greens Grade

The Andersons 7-14-14 with sulfur and magnesium improves the health of the turf. The MUtech allows for consistent and predictable feeding, resulting in better turf color and growth. It has a low salt index, so there's less worry about burning. The nitrogen is released through natural microbial activity, improving the soil structure and turf development. Whether it's used on lawns with phosphate and potassium needs or the greens on a golf course, The Andersons fertilizer with MUtech provides the right nutrients for the job.






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