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Mosquito infestations are hard to control once they've spread throughout an area. The trick is to target them before they mature into flying adults. Altosid Briquets are made to combat mosquito larvae in the water. Once the briquets are applied to the target area, no other action is needed. All it takes is one briquet in the water to provide up to a month of mosquito control on a property.

How Altosid Briquets Work

Altosid Briquets contain an active ingredient known as s-methoprene. It's used as an insect growth regulator, or IGR for short. This chemical ingredient doesn't work on mature adult mosquitoes. Instead, it inhibits the development and growth of the larvae. It acts as an insect hormone, interfering with their ability to lay eggs, to develop normally and to reproduce as adults. By using the briquets in water, it targets the larvae before they have a chance to develop and mature.

Where to Use Altosid Mosquito Control

It's best to use Altosid Briquets for mosquitoes anywhere there is standing water on the property. It's safe to use the briquets in most water sources when applied as directed on the label. They're ideal for use in birdbaths and gutters on residential properties, as well as water gardens and ornamental ponds. Adding the briquets to retention ponds and office parks can drastically reduce the mosquito population in those areas. The briquets can even be added to animal drinking water as long as the directions are followed correctly.

Target Pests

Altosid Briquets work on the most common mosquito species, including disease-carrying Aedes mosquitoes. This species is responsible for spreading numerous diseases such as the Zika virus. It also combats other mosquito larvae such as Anopheles, Culex and Psorophora. Keep in mind that this mosquito product does not affect the adults. It's best to apply it in the beginning of mosquito season and continuously throughout the summer to reduce the overall population.

Reasons to Use Altosid for Mosquitoes

The main reason to use Altosid mosquito briquets is because they work in most any water source to curb the population. When it's used in early spring and throughout the summer, the larvae aren't able to mature into breeding adults, thus putting an end to infestations on residential and commercial properties. Other reasons to use the briquets include:

  • Can be used in birdbaths, fountains and water gardens
  • Pet safe when used as directed
  • Prevents disease-carrying mosquitoes from developing
  • Comes ready to use out of the bag
  • Provides up to 30 days of mosquito control

Kill and Control Mosquitoes With Altosid

Mosquitoes transmit diseases to people and require a serious pest control product to reduce their numbers. Altosid Briquets are made with a potent ingredient to target the larvae. When they contact the poison, they're no longer able to develop correctly. Those that mature into adults can't reproduce, putting an end to infestations. The briquets are safe to use in animal drinking water when applied as directed, and they continue to prevent mosquito growth for up to a month.

Manufacturer Wellmark™
Primary Pest Mosquito 
Utility  Growth Regulator
Active Ingredient  8.62 - S-Methoprene, Other Ingredients
Container Size Pack
Case Amount 100 Pack
Application Amount See label for details.



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