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Most Alpine insecticides contain the same active ingredient but come in many different forms to combat nuisance pests both indoors and outdoors. Alpine WSG comes in convenient water-soluble granules for applying the active ingredient to a larger surface area. The active ingredient goes to work quickly and targets several insect species, bringing them under control within minutes of application. It's easy to apply and used by professionals and homeowners alike.

How Alpine WSG Works

Alpine water-soluble granules contain an active ingredient called dinotefuran. It contains a high concentration of the active ingredient, 40 percent to be exact, to kill many hard-to-control pests around homes, businesses and industrial spaces. The active ingredient works as soon as it's ingested, inhibiting the insects' nervous system and causing paralysis within minutes. It only takes a few hours for the insects to die and the infestation to go away.

Where to Use Alpine WSG Insecticide

Use Alpine WSG Insecticide to kill stubborn infestations outdoors. It's easy to mix with water in the tank and to spray with the appropriate applicator. However, avoid applying WSG with an irrigation system or a misting system since it could drift and cause harm to nontarget species. Use it around apartment buildings, residences, businesses and warehouses to control ants, mosquitoes and other insects. It's also used indoors as a spot treatment for flea control, as well as to kill invasive pests like flies and bed bugs. Other places to use Alpine WSG include:

  • Dog kennels
  • Greenhouses
  • Storage buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Campgrounds

Target Pests

Alpine insecticide is the go-to solution for many kennels to protect their pets from fleas. Use it outdoors to combat mosquito infestations and indoors to knock down houseflies. The active ingredient dinotefuran is also in Alpine bait gels that are used to kill cockroaches. Alpine WSG also targets roaches and can be used to control other nuisance pests like odorous house ants, silverfish and earwigs. Other target pests include:

  • Bed bugs
  • Fire ants
  • Sowbugs
  • Wasps
  • Yellow jackets

Benefits of Using Alpine WSG

Alpine WSG has an effective formulation for killing numerous pest insects. It kills various species of spiders and knocks down many stinging insects around patios. A major benefit is its ease of use and low toxicity, so it's safe to use around people and pets. Other benefits include:

  • Contains a high percentage of the active ingredient
  • Kills fleas, bed bugs and other nuisance pests
  • Provides residual control after one application
  • Can be used in public areas like campsites and hospitals
  • Safe to use in greenhouses to kill plant-damaging insects

Exterminate Common Pests With Alpine WSG

Alpine WSG offers the same effective ingredient as its bait gels but in a convenient, easy-to-use water-soluble formula. It covers more area in a single application and targets everything from fleas and mosquitoes to ants and bed bugs. It has a fast mode of action and kills the insects within three hours. Because it has low toxicity, it can be used in hotels, nursing homes and other areas with heavy foot traffic.

•Registered in all states except the following that are pending: NY as of 3/31/15


Manufacturer Paragon
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Bait
Active Ingredient Dinotefuran, Other Ingredients
Container Size 500 GM
Case Amount 4X500 GM
Application Amount See label for details.



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Alpine WSG

Easy to use indoors. No smell. Very little visible residue. Wide range of pests on label.

Thank you for the review!!

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