21-0-8 with Merit


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Not all fertilizers protect the turf from root-damaging pests. With 21-0-8 featuring Merit, the turf stays green and healthy while resisting the damage caused by white grubs and other grub species. It provides residual control and keeps grubs away all season long.

How 21-0-8 with Merit Works

21-0-8 is a plant nutrient product used to feed the turf vital nitrogen and soluble potash. These nutrients help the plants grow and develop while also improving their resistance to damage. Because it also contains Merit insecticide, the active ingredient called imidacloprid affects the grubs' nervous system, causing paralysis and death.

Where to Use 21-0-8 Fertilizer

21-0-8 with Merit is a turf fertilizer and grub control product. It contains 0.2 percent imidacloprid, more than enough to target the grubs and to prevent an infestation. It can be used across many different turf sites, from lawns to golf courses. It kills and controls white grubs, annual bluegrass weevils, billbugs, crane flies and other damaging pests. It's best to apply this fertilizer/insecticide before egg laying for optimal results.

Merit Fertilizer Features and Benefits

The inclusion of Merit insecticide is what makes 21-0-8 such an effective product. It feeds the lawn vital nutrients for growth and health while also preventing damage from Japanese beetles, white grubs and other pests. Some major benefits include:

  • High nitrogen rates for healthier, thicker turf
  • An additional insecticide to provide residual grub control
  • For use on lawns, golf courses and other turf sites

Improve Turf and Prevent Pests with 21-0-8

21-0-8 with 0.2 percent Merit is all that's needed to keep white grubs and similar turf pests under control. In fact, it offers season-long control with one application and is highly effective at low application rates.



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