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Andersons 18-0-4 fertilizer has a high nitrogen load and a smaller ratio of potash to feed the turf throughout the season. Not only that, but it also contains a small amount of Dimension herbicide to combat weeds while providing nutrients to turf and ornamentals. It tackles crabgrass infestations before they happen and keeps the landscape pristine and free of weeds.

How Andersons with Dimension Works

Andersons fertilizer contains 18 percent nitrogen, 0 percent phosphorus and 4 percent potash (K20). The real booster is the added dithiopyr included with Dimension pre-emergent herbicide. While it's not a high enough percentage to provide total weed control, it's beneficial when feeding the turf because it kills any weeds hiding beneath the surface. It provides uniform coverage and penetrates the soil thanks to how it breaks down into smaller microparticles.

Where to Use 18-0-4 Fertilizer

Use Andersons fertilizer with Dimension herbicide in established lawns to kill and control pre-emergent broadleaf weeds and annual grassy weeds. It also controls invasive crabgrass before it can emerge and spread across the lawn. It's safe to use on many turf types, including Kentucky bluegrass, bermuda and St. Augustine. Apply it in the spring, summer and early fall to ensure proper turf feeding and consistent control of nuisance weeds.

Features and Benefits

It's the herbicide in Andersons 18-0-4 fertilizer that really makes it outshine and outperform other fertilizers of the same type. It provides vital nutrients for the plants while also preventing crabgrass growth in the area. It breaks down into smaller and smaller microparticles to reach the roots and tackle the weeds where they grow. Other benefits include:

  • Provides nutrients and fights weeds all season long
  • Great for early crabgrass prevention
  • Smaller particles means greater and more even coverage

Andersons 18-0-4 with Dimension for Weed Control

It's easy to feed the turf and plants the necessary nutrients for growth while also fighting weeds at the same time. Andersons fertilizer with Dimension herbicide provides two benefits in one. Not only will it promote and bolster healthier growth and greener color, but it will also prevent weeds from emerging and stealing those nutrients away from the plants.

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