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Growing healthy grass takes more than a fertilizer. It also takes an effective herbicide to prevent weed growth. 15-0-4 with 0.675 percent Q3 does that and more. It's specially formulated as a weed and feed fertilizer used to control annual broadleaf weeds and grasses across many different turf sites.

How 15-0-4 with .675 Q3 Works

This turf fertilizer is formulated with three herbicides to provide broad-spectrum weed control. It contains dicamba, quinclorac and 2,4-D used to kill post-emergent weeds. Because it also contains 15 percent nitrogen and 4 percent soluble potash, the lawn will look denser and have a healthier overall appearance.

Where to Use 15-0-4 Fertilizer

This specially formulated weed and feed fertilizer can be used across various turf sites. Use it to feed home lawns while also battling weeds like plantain and chickweed. Use it on golf courses to keep weeds from ruining the playing surface. It can be used on various cool-season and warm-season turf sites grown on residential and commercial properties.

15-0-4 Q3 Features and Benefits

15-0-4 with 0.675 Q3 kills and controls many different weeds like clover, dandelion, thistle and more. It's useful as a post-emergent application and works best on wet grass. Avoid applying to dry lawns. Some benefits include:

  • Knocks down weeds with a single application
  • Contains three herbicides for greater weed control
  • Can be used on cool- and warm-season turfgrasses

Stop Weed Growth with 15-0-4 and Q3 Herbicide

Grow a thicker, healthier lawn while also killing unwanted weeds with 15-0-4 containing three different herbicides. It's formulated for use on home lawns, commercial properties, golf courses and other turf sites. It knocks out weeds and keeps the landscape beautiful and well-maintained.

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