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Mears Premium K-Mag 0-0-22 is a unique fertilizer containing potassium, magnesium and sulfur as the primary nutrients. K-Mag stands for potassium-magnesium, two essential nutrients needed for healthy plant growth. It can be used for developing healthy trees, plants, shrubs and turf and provides the application area with a continuous supply of nutrients throughout the growing season.

What's in Mears 0-0-22?

Mears 0-0-22 doesn't have any nitrogen. Instead, it contains a high rate of potassium, as well as magnesium and sulfur. It's a commercial-grade fertilizer in a water-soluble sulfate form. However, because of its crystalline nature, it dissolves slowly over time, providing vital nutrients to the plants during the growing season. It's an all-natural fertilizer and can be used as a supplement with other fertilizers.

Where to Use Mears 0-0-22

Mears 0-0-22 all-natural fertilizer can be used anywhere nutrient deficiencies are present. Apply it to palms and other trees to improve their health and development. It can be used on shrubs and turfgrass, as well as various crops. The unique blend of nutrients are ideal for flower beds and landscaped areas. Apply it as a standalone fertilizer or as a supplement with a balanced-nutrient fertilizer to the labeled sites. It's 100 percent water soluble and is a great addition to soils that lack sulfur, magnesium and potassium. It will prevent and cure nutrient deficiencies for improved growth and development.

Target Uses

K-Mag Greens Grade formula is perfect for use on golf course greens and other highly maintained, fine turf areas. It can also be used for most turf applications to promote faster growth and greener, more beautiful grass. When used as directed, it corrects nutrient deficiencies and encourages healthy shrubs and flowers. It's the perfect balance of three essential nutrients to benefit the turf and plants. It resists leaching and aids in overall root growth.

Mears 0-0-22 Features and Benefits

The nutrients in Mears 0-0-22 come in a form that's readily absorbed by the turf and plants. It stimulates root growth, improves color and promotes greater drought resistance. All three ingredients are necessary for a certain part of the turf's and plant's development and are required for long-term growth. Some of the major reasons to use Mears 0-0-22 fertilizer to improve plant health include:

  • Contains magnesium to enhance chlorophyll production
  • Includes potassium for protein synthesis and improves the color of the turf and plants
  • Has sulfur to help acidify the soil and aid in root growth while also promoting vigorous turf growth

Mears 0-0-22 Promotes Healthy Root Systems

Turf, plants and shrubs need the correct amount of micronutrients to grow and develop properly while also withstanding the stresses caused by poor soil quality, drought and extreme heat. Mears 0-0-22 is a commercial-grade fertilizer containing the right balance of micronutrients to encourage healthy turf color and growth. It improves root development, protein synthesis, photosynthesis and overall color. Whether it's for the greens on a golf course or another fine turf site, Mears 0-0-22 is a must-have supplement or standalone fertilizer with the right nutrients to promote turf health.

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