Employee Sale

Land O' Lakes employees are eligible to purchase lawn and pest control products from the annual employee sale at www.winproonline.com/collections/employee-sale. 

4 step program

Recommended Application Order

(Each 50lb bag will treat roughly 10,000-12,000 sq ft)

 Dates Products Recommended Use Rate
April 30th - May 15th 19-0-6 with Dimension crabgrass preventer 3-6lbs/1000 sq ft
June 15th - June 20th  22-0-5 with Trimec broadleaf herbicide 4lbs/1000 sq ft 
July 20th - July 30th 21-0-8 with Merit grub control 4lbs/1000 sq ft 
August 25th - September 5th 17-0-4 Pro Peat  5lbs/1000 sq ft
August 25th - September 5th 30-0-10 with Iron   3lbs/1000 sq ft 



Spreader Type Recommended Setting
Scotts R8 K
Accupro K-L
Lesco Rotary H-J


Spyker 24


Prizelawn CB


Earthway 2400





Other turf items to consider

 Product Description
Cool Season Turf Grass Mix (50lb bag) Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass and Fine Fescue 
Sustane 4-6-4 Granular fertilizer (Recommended use rate 10lbs/1000 sq ft)
11-11-11 ProPeat (25lb) Granular fertilizer for topdressing shrubs/trees/flowers
Pillar G Granular - Fungicide 3lbs/1000 sq ft Apply preventatively throughout the season or as needed 
Talstar Xtra Verge Perimeter insecticide to apply around shrubs, mulch/rock beds, or turf
Talstar Pro (1 qt) Insecticide to spray on vegetation to control mosquitos and ticks plus many more
Q4 plus (1 qt) Lawn herbicide to control a variety of weeds including post emerge crabgrass
Winfield Aquicare Pellets with applicator Hand water hot spots and dry areas to reduce drought stress
PPE Kit Face shield, googles, gloves, sleeves, boots, apron
Gravity SL PGS + Gravity L Amp + Gravity L Humic Treat shrubs, flowers, trees, turf with this soil, root, and plant health combo


Pest Control Products

A variety of household pest control items are also available during the employee sale. Please scroll through the website to find wasp, mouse, ant, and many other control items. 


Shop now: www.winproonline.com/collections/employee-sale