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Not all turf does well in shady areas. Mid America is a fantastic seed mixture created to produce excellent turf in shady areas. It blends together a variety of seeds in a 50-pound bag to be spread on lawns, golf courses and other sites. It's also treated with a plant growth stimulant to help it germinate and establish across the landscape more quickly.

What's in Mid America Seed Mixture?

Mid America seed mixture consists of bluegrass and fine fescue, creating a quality turf in areas where sunshine isn't abundant. Unlike other fescue and bluegrass mixtures on the market, this one is treated with Gravity SL PGS. It's WinPro's plant growth stimulant that helps the seeds germinate and establish more quickly than other mixtures out there.

Where to Use Mid America

Mid America seed mixture can be used on all lawns and landscapes, including athletic fields and golf courses. It's a specialized mixture of the latest generation of bluegrass and fescue. It's also treated with a plant growth stimulant, so it grows quickly and shows excellent traffic stress tolerance. Use it in shady areas where the turf seems to do poorly. It's highly resistant against fungal diseases and looks beautiful even in extremely shady areas. It shows high performance across a variety of tests based on the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP).

Mid America Outperforms the Competition

Analyzing NTEP data using the Patented Turf Tech Pro Tool, WinPro seed mixtures outperform other entries in the NTEP trials. Comparing performance on key attributes listed, WinPro outperforms comparable bluegrass varieties by 10.4 TPI points and fescue by an amazing 19.3 TPI points. Higher % TPI represents better consistent overall performance.

Thanks to the addition of Gravity SL PGS, Mid America grass seed mixture outperforms the competition not only in early green-up but also in drought resistance, recovery after stress and resistance to various fungal diseases.

Mid America Features and Benefits

Gravity SL PGS is a game changer when it comes to picking out grass seeds for fast germination and establishment. This blend was selected for true genetic diversity based on the TTP attribute analysis. Some major features and benefits of Mid America include:

  • Available in a 50-pound bag
  • Provides early green-up
  • Grows full even in the shadiest areas
  • Tolerant to drought and other conditions
  • Performs well in high-traffic areas
  • Recovers quickly after environmental stresses

Mid America is Perfect for Shady Areas

When the turf doesn't seem to grow or perform well in shady conditions, it's time to spread Mid America over the area. It's the ultimate mixture for growing greener, more resistant grass in the shade. It's treated with Gravity SL PGS, so the seeds will establish more quickly across the application site. It also resists high drought conditions, heavy traffic and various fungal diseases like brown patch. It contains a selective blend of bluegrass and fescue seeds that perform well in all types of poor conditions. Whether it's for a golf course or a lawn, Mid America is a top choice for producing healthy turf.

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