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It doesn't take long for flies to breed out of control once they've invaded interior areas. Though fly traps provide some control, they don't eliminate the infestation. Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait Insecticide targets the flies and starts to work on contact. It contains an active ingredient that not only kills the flies but also continues to work for up to 30 days after a single application.

How Alpine Fly Bait Insecticide Works

Alpine aerosol insecticide is easy to use since it comes in a convenient spray can. It contains the active ingredient dinotefuran, a chemical that targets the flies' nerve function. It provides quick knockdown of the nuisance pests, causing paralysis and death in just a few hours. When it's applied on nonporous surfaces, the chemical lingers and continues to work for up to a month. When combined with fly traps and other sprays, Alpine Fly Bait Insecticide adds the missing piece to a pest management program.

Where to Use Alpine Fly Bait

It's best to use Alpine fly bait aerosol indoors to combat flies and to prevent infestations. It can be used by homeowners in their homes to kill various fly species. It's perfect for pest control professionals who need a strong fly insecticide without the need to carry around specialized spray equipment. It kills flies in apartments, hotels and other indoor areas. Alpine is also labeled for use outdoors in areas like golf courses, campgrounds and more to knock out stubborn flies.

Target Pests

Alpine Fly Bait Insecticide is labeled for use on many different fly species indoors and outdoors. Use it to kill disease-carrying cluster flies around patios and indoors near litter boxes. It's formulated to kill both houseflies and lesser houseflies, as well as to kill and to prevent vinegar and filth flies. If fruit flies have infested drains and started multiplying indoors, Alpine will knock them down quickly and keep them from reinfesting the space.

Benefits of Using Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait

One of the main benefits of Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait is that it comes ready to use without the need for a spray tank or a sprayer. There's no special equipment required to start eliminating flies on the spot. It's the ultimate fly killer thanks to its potent formula. Some other benefits include:

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Kills several nuisance fly species
  • Provides residual fly control for a month
  • Perfect for use in an IPM program
  • For use in schools, supermarkets and other sensitive areas

Kill and Control Flies With Alpine Fly Bait

Fruit flies infest drains and garbage disposals, and houseflies linger and bother people indoors and outdoors. With Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait Insecticide with dinotefuran, it's easy to knock out fly infestations within a few hours of an application. It kills them quickly and provides residual fly control for up to 30 days after a single use. It can be used in hotels and restaurants and outdoors at fairgrounds, campgrounds and more. Whether it's gnats or cluster flies, nothing kills them faster than Alpine Fly Bait Insecticide.

Manufacturer BASF
Primary Pest Flies
Utility  Aerosol
Active Ingredient Dinotefuran,Other Ingredients
Container Size 16 oz can
Case Amount 6x16oz
Application Amount See label for details.



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