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Spider mite damage can happen slowly over time but results in everything from brown spots on the plants to yellowing of the leaves. Severe infestations can damage the plant to the point that it stops growing. Sultan is an effective miticide that targets tetranychid mites such as citrus red mites. It's perfect for use on greenhouse plants and can be implemented in an integrated pest management (IPM) program.

How Sultan Miticide Works

Sultan miticide contains cyflumetofen as the active ingredient. It works by inhibiting mitochondrial electron transport in the pests, knocking the spider mites down quickly on contact. It's selective and only affects the spider mites, not insects in the application area. This mode of action makes it ideal for use in IPM programs in rotation with other insecticide products.

Where to Use Sultan Miticide

Sultan miticide can be applied directly on the plants to target a variety of mites. Use it in residential and commercial areas to protect indoor and outdoor plants from mite damage. It can be used in greenhouses and lathhouses, as well as shade houses and plant nurseries. Apply it on container-grown plants, conifer plantations and foliage plants, including flowers, trees and shrubs in residential and commercial landscapes. Even though it's potent on mites, it causes no damage to the plants.

Target Pests

Use Sultan miticide to kill tetranychid mites. It has no effect on nontarget mite species like rust mites, broad mites and cyclamen mites. It's highly effective against Banks grass mites and wheat mites, as well as European red mites and two-spotted spider mites. Apply Sultan on plants, trees and shrubs infested by Pacific spider mites, Texas citrus mites and spruce spider mites. Sultan is also potent enough to knock down Yuma spider mites on contact, saving the plants from damage caused by minor and heavy infestations.

Sultan Miticide Features and Benefits

The active ingredient in Sultan makes it ideal for use in IPM programs and works on mites that are resistant to other miticides. It kills the mites on contact without harming beneficial insects in the area, such as seven-spotted ladybugs, common lacewings and pollinators such as honeybees. It knocks down labeled mites but doesn't kill predatory mites or harm the plants, trees or shrubs. Some features and benefits include:

  • Can be applied to roses, hibiscus and other plants without adverse side effects
  • Kills two-spotted spider mites, citrus red mites and other common species
  • Provides long-lasting residual activity to help control future mite infestations
  • Can water in the plants after one hour of application
  • Effective against resistant mite species without harming predatory mites and insects

Eliminate Mite Infestations with Sultan

Sultan is a very effective miticide that's tough on tetranychid mites but gentle on beneficials like pollinators and western predatory mites. It can be used on a variety of plants, shrubs and trees in residential and commercial landscapes, as well as greenhouses and plant nurseries. Sultan is rainfast after one hour of application and continues to kill mites and control infestations for months.

Manufacturer BASF
Primary Pest Miticide
Utility  Concentrated Liquid
Active Ingredient Cyflumetofen, Other Ingredients
Composition 18.7%, 81.3%
Container Size 12x16 oz
Application Amount See label for details.



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