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Plants and turf require enough micronutrients to develop properly. Gravity L 5-0-0 is a liquid micronutrient fertilizer with nitrogen and added nutrients to promote healthy plant growth. It also contains Max-In Technology to make the nutrients more available to the plants. It's the ideal fertilizer for correcting or preventing nutrient deficiencies and can be used alone or combined with most pesticides.

What is in Gravity L 5-0-0?

Gravity L 5-0-0 is a nitrogen-based fertilizer with 5 percent urea nitrogen as the primary ingredient. As a liquid micronutrient fertilizer, it also has several important nutrients to ensure healthy growing plants. These ingredients are included at low rates and include: magnesium, sulfur, boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. When applied as directed, these ingredients can cure and prevent nutrient deficiencies in the plants.

Where to Use Gravity L 5-0-0

Gravity L 5-0-0 can be tank-mixed with most common pesticides and applied to most turf areas, including residential and commercial lawns. It may also be applied to recreational sites like parks, as well as sports fields and golf course tees, greens, fairways and other turf areas. Apply it on bedding plants and perennials to promote healthy growth, as well as on trees and large woody shrubs. Refer to the label and instructions for use to see the exact target sites and application rates for the best results.

Target Uses

Gravity L 5-0-0 is primarily used to correct and prevent nutrient deficiencies in the turf and plants. These nutrient deficiencies can occur due to poor weather and soil, as well as the result of plant diseases. It can be used as-is in the spray tank or combined with other plant nutrients depending on the need. It should always be applied according to the label to prevent damage caused by nitrogen, boron and molybdenum overdose. Always refer to the label for exact application rates.

Gravity L Features and Benefits

Though the micronutrients play a huge part in the benefits of Gravity L 5-0-0, it's the Max-In Technology that makes it even better than similar fertilizers. It's an added adjuvant system that promotes greater absorption of the nutrients, as well as the movement of those same nutrients in the plant. Some major features and benefits of Gravity L 5-0-0 include:

  • Effective foliar application with Max-In Technology for improved uptake
  • Contains the most common micronutrients to prevent and cure deficiencies
  • Can be combined with most common pesticides in the tank mix
  • For use in turf, ornamental and horticultural applications
  • Delivers a low dose of nitrogen to the target site

Gravity L 5-0-0 Improves Plant Growth

Gravity L 5-0-0 is the ideal nitrogen-based, liquid micronutrient fertilizer to use to promote healthy plant growth. It can be used on golf courses to improve the health and vigor of the turf on tees and greens, as well as on other recreational sites, residential lawns and other turf sites. It provides an easy-to-use foliar option to deliver nitrogen and other micronutrients to bedding plants, turfgrass, trees and more.


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