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When weather and soil conditions are poor, the grass will suffer. Gravity L 00-00-30 is a liquid source of potassium and specially formulated for use in all turf, ornamental and horticultural applications. It can be used and applied alone or as a tank-mix partner with other plant nutrients or pesticides. It's ideal for golf courses, lawns and other turf areas.

What is in Gravity L 0-0-30?

Gravity L 0-0-30 contains 30 percent soluble potash (K20) in a liquid formulation. It does not have any additional micronutrients added to the mix but can be combined with other nutrients for improved plant growth. It's derived from potassium carbonate and provides many benefits for trees, ornamentals and turf sites. Gravity L is available in a 2.5-gallon jug.

Where to Use Gravity L 0-0-30

Gravity L is specially formulated for use on all turf sites, including for ornamental and horticultural applications. Because of that, it can be applied to the turf throughout the golf course, which includes the tees, greens, fairways, roughs and aprons. It can be used on many different turfgrasses, including annual bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, Bermuda and St. Augustine. Gravity L may also be reapplied every seven to 21 days as needed. However, it's best to wait until the sprayed area has completely dried before mowing or irrigating for the best results.

Target Uses

Use Gravity L 0-0-30 soluble potash on turf sites where needed to treat or prevent a potassium deficiency. Use it to improve the turf's drought tolerance and resistance to diseases. It can help to aid in better nutrient and water uptake while also improving protein synthesis. When used as directed, Gravity L soluble potash improves plant health and strength, so it will be able to withstand winter cold, fungal diseases, extreme heat and poor water availability.

Gravity L Features and Benefits

Soluble potash is highly beneficial to lawns, ornamentals and trees. When applied to the soil, it helps the grass develop a resistance to diseases and poor conditions such as drought. It may also reduce the damage from stresses caused by transplanting. The potassium maintains the turgor pressure in the plant cells, improving cold hardiness. Some of the major features and benefits include:

  • Helps the turf withstand stress, drought and diseases
  • Maintains cell turgor pressure for greater cold hardiness
  • Can be applied throughout the golf course turf
  • For use on lawns, ornamentals, trees and other turf areas
  • Can be combined with Droplex adjuvant to improve coverage

Gravity L: Perfect for Turf and Ornamentals

Gravity L 0-0-30 is the perfect potash fertilizer to use when deficiencies are present. It can be used on all turf sites, as well as sandy soils where potassium is known to leach. It's ideal for ornamental and horticultural applications and immediately available for foliar and root absorption. It provides many benefits for the turf and plants, such as improving nutrient and water uptake while also helping to withstand stresses, drought and diseases. Whether it's for a golf course or a home lawn, Gravity L improves the turf at the moment of application.


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