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DirtFert is packed with micro- and macronutrients needed to develop healthy growing plants. It benefits the soil and plants in many ways, stimulating root growth and feeding the plants immediately upon application. It features a rich load of nutrients and will not burn the seeds or the plants. When it's applied as directed, DirtFert can be used on a variety of sites and drives new growth all season long.

How DirtFert Works

DirtFert contains a blend of nitrogen, phosphate and potash (K2O) and several more macro- and micronutrients. The nitrogen is slowly released over time, so there's never any worry about burning the seeds, plants or turf. It also contains a variety of added ingredients like humic acid, oxygen and carbon to improve the overall soil conditions and plant health. It's safe to use in most turf management programs and provides the proper amount of nutrients to feed the turf.

Where to Use DirtFert

Use DirtFert to improve the soil in crops, lawns and other turf and plant areas. It's perfect to use when planting and seeding and can be used to restore the natural pH balance in the soil. It's labeled for garden use and for agricultural use. It is specially formulated for use on all vegetable crops, orchards, trees and native vegetation, including areas where livestock feed and roam. It's rich in micronutrients and feeds soil microorganisms for improved soil conditions.


Target Uses

For seeding a garden or growing organic vegetables, DirtFert is a proven product for conditioning the soil and feeding the plants. Applying this nutrient-rich fertilizer to the soil creates the perfect environment for plants to grow healthy and strong. It helps the plants, trees and crops overcome changing pH levels in the soil and strengthens the plants from the damaging effects of heat and drought. There's no complicated mixing involved, making it easy to apply to the soil.

DirtFert Features and Benefits

DirtFert is made for vegetable crops, trees, gardens and more. It's made from a massive blend of macro- and micronutrients and transforms the soil into a healthy growing environment. It feeds important microorganisms, restores depleted soils and improves the plant's tolerance to heat and drought. Some of the main reasons to use DirtFert include:

  • Comes in an easy-to-use concentrate with no odor
  • Feeds the plants as soon as it's applied
  • Improves the soil's pH levels
  • No worry about burning the seeds or the plants
  • Contains a chelated nutrient source in a bio-based formula

DirtFert: Turn the Dirt into Soil

DirtFert is a highly beneficial fertilizer for growers. It contains humic acid, oxygen, carbon and all the other important micro- and macronutrients needed for plant growth and development. It conditions the soil and improves pH levels, creating a healthy growing environment. Use it for the production of vegetables in a garden or on a farm, or apply it to the area when planting new seeds. DirtFert comes in a flowable concentrate, can be mixed with other nutrients, and is easily applied with most pivot and commercial sprayers.

Manufacturer Harvest Grow LLC
Primary Pest Fertilizer
Utility  Liquid
Active Ingredient Nitrogen, Phosphate, Soluble Potash
Composition 3%, 0%, 1%
Container Size 2.5 Gallon Jug
Application Amount See label for details.



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