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Sumari is more than an effective ant control product. It's a powerful insecticide that kills and controls many different crawling and flying insects. It contains two active ingredients for double the killing power. Not only does it kill insects fast, but it also provides residual control for up to three months.

How Sumari Insecticide Works

Sumari insecticide contains two ingredients for maximum ant and other insect control. Clothinidan is the first active ingredient and works by interfering with the insects' central nervous system. As a result, the insect has involuntary muscle spasms, leading to overall paralysis and death. Pyriproxyfen is the second active ingredient. It's an insect growth regulator and mimics the natural hormones in the insect that regulate growth. This ingredient prevents the immature insects from maturing into breeding adults and causing future infestations.

Where to Use Sumari

Sumari concentrate can be used indoors and outdoors. Use it on home lawns, around perimeters, in commercial buildings, and on trees and shrubs. It can be used directly on ant mounds to kill the insects where they live, breed and travel. Sumari can be applied as a foliar spray or even as a crack-and-crevice treatment.

Target Pests

Sumari's formulation makes it ideal for ant control since it kills quickly and also continues to last on the target area for up to 90 days. It's also perfect for killing other crawling insects like cockroaches. Use it to kill fleas, boxelder bugs, lady beetles and even mosquitoes. It provides long-lasting control and keeps infestations from recurring.

Sumari Concentrate Features and Benefits

Sumari is formulated for pest management professionals who want a potent insecticide for killing and controlling numerous insects indoors and outdoors. It has no signal word, can be broadcasted outside, and lasts for at least 90 days after application. Other benefits include:

  • Improves business efficiency with less callbacks
  • A flexible label with few restrictions
  • Poses less risk to PMPs

More Than Ant Control, It's a Powerful Insecticide

With fast kills and long-lasting control, Sumari concentrate insecticide is a must for PMPs. The residual activity means extended time between treatments, and the specialized formulation means less risks to technicians. It can be used indoors and outdoors and helps to control everything from ants to mosquitoes.





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