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Safari 20 SG

Killing pests within hours of application is what Safari 20 SG excels at. It's a systemic insecticide with a potent active ingredient for quick knockdown and broad-spectrum control. It kills the most damaging plant insects and can be used in commercial greenhouses. It's a cost-effective alternative to expensive pest control services and gives growers a way to fight back against invasive pests.

How Safari 20 SG Works

Safari 20 SG contains dinotefuran as the active ingredient. This chemical has a mode of action like a pyrethroid, except it's a neonicotinoid. It's tough on insects but has a low toxicity to nontarget animals and humans. This ingredient targets the insect's central nervous system, causing paralysis soon after contact. It only takes a few hours for the insects to die after ingesting the ingredient.

Where to Use Safari 20 SG

Safari 20 SG insecticide can be used in most commercial greenhouses and plant nurseries. Use it on nursery ornamentals to protect them from leaf-damaging insects. It can be applied to nonbearing fruit and nut trees, including nonbearing vines. It's labeled for use on vegetable plants, as well as vegetable transplants that are grown in enclosed spaces. Safari can be applied as a foliar spray, a soil drench and a basal bark treatment to target the insects in a variety of ways.

Target Pests

Safari 20 SG targets dozens of common plant-damaging insects, from aphids and mealybugs to adelgids and white grubs. The active formula suppresses thrips in greenhouse crops. Use it to kill and control soft scales and ash borers, fungus gnat larvae and leafminers. It can be used to kill leafhoppers, psyllids and Q- and B-biotype whiteflies. It's highly effective against root weevils and leaf beetles, lace bugs and sawflies, and bagworms and gypsy moths, including eastern tent caterpillars and adult Japanese beetles.

Benefits of Safari 20 SG Insecticide

Insects cost greenhouse growers thousands of dollars in losses each year. With Safari 20 SG insecticide, the crops are safe from plant-damaging pests. It kills and controls everything from aphids to whiteflies and even suppresses thrips, keeping the populations in check. It can be used in commercial greenhouses to protect ornamentals, vegetable plants and more. Other benefits and features of Safari insecticide include:

  • Formulated for extremely quick uptake and knockdown
  • Provides broad-spectrum control over Q- and B-biotype whiteflies
  • Continues to provide residual control long after application
  • Can be applied in multiple ways to treat the insects where they feed
  • For use on vegetable plants and vegetable transplants

Safari 20 SG Knocks Down Insects Fast

Greenhouse growers need a fast and effective product to control insect pests and to protect their crops. Safari 20 SG is a super-systemic insecticide and absorbs quickly into the plant for fast and effective pest control. It's extremely potent to aphids, whiteflies and other plant-damaging insects and provides unsurpassed control for weeks after application. Whether it's fungus gnat larvae or leafminers, nothing comes close to knocking down insect pests and keeping them down in commercial greenhouses.





Active Ingredient

Dinotefuran 20%

Container Size

12 oz

Application Amount

See label for details.





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Safari 20 SG

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