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Criterion 0.5 G is a granular insecticide made with a potent active ingredient for killing and controlling various turf and ornamental pests. It targets everything from June beetles to chinch bugs and can be applied directly to the soil to control the pests and their ability to lay eggs.

How Criterion Works

It contains imidacloprid, a neonicotinoid used to control numerous outdoor pests. Criterion comes in granular form and is applied throughout the turf to affect the insects where they live and breed. The poison is absorbed into their bodies, causing nervous system failure and death.

Where to Use Criterion 0.5 G

Use it throughout residential and commercial turfgrass, as well as ornamental landscapes around offices and shopping malls. Apply it to the turf and around plants on golf courses, playgrounds and athletic fields, including cemeteries, parks, and both industrial and municipal complexes.

Target Pests

  • Masked chafers
  • Bluegrass weevils
  • Mole crickets
  • Billbugs
  • And much more

Features and Benefits

  • Provides long-term pest control
  • Easy-to-use granular formulation
  • Controls larvae and prevents egg hatching

Control Pest Populations with Criterion 0.5 G

Whether it's for use on a golf course or at home, Criterion 0.5 G insecticide takes control of the pest populations. It controls everything from weevils to mole crickets and prevents unsightly and unnecessary pest damage throughout the lawn and ornamental landscaping.





Granular Insecticide


.5% Imidacloprid

Container Size


Application Amount

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