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Due to the shelf life of this product, it is ordered fresh from OHP with each order. Delivery typically takes 2-3 weeks. 


Not all pest insects sting and bite. Some attack plants and lawns. With Ancora Microbial Insecticide, it's easy to eliminate turf- and plant-damaging insects like aphids and whiteflies. This highly effective insecticide uses natural ingredients to get rid of pests quickly with little to no effect on beneficial insects in the target area. It provides broad-spectrum pest control and offers better results than many insecticides in the same class.

How Ancora Microbial Insecticide Works

Ancora Microbial Insecticide contains a naturally occurring fungus called the apopka strain 97. Twenty percent of the ingredients comes from this fungus, which infects insects that dwell in the soil and feed on foliage. The blatospores from this fungus attach to the insects and mites. Once they germinate, they penetrate the pest and cause death. It only takes about one to three days for the infected pest insects to die.

Where to Use Ancora Insecticide

Ancora is a broad-spectrum pesticide, which means it controls many different types of insects. Because it contains a naturally occurring ingredient, it can be used in greenhouses and plant nurseries, as well as commercial landscape markets. It's ideal for retail growers who need to protect their plants from sap-sucking insects and mites. It can be used on commercial plantscapes without the need to worry about using chemicals. And, because it doesn't harm beneficial insects such as honeybees, it can be used in outdoor areas to prevent damage to profitable plants.

Target Pests

This insecticide targets a broad range of insect pests that attack plants in commercial settings. It attacks insects below and above the ground, killing those that feed on the roots and the leaves. It targets and kills whiteflies and aphids within days and provides long-term control when used as directed. It not only kills foliar pests but also soil-dwelling insects such as root weevils, grubs and rootworms. Some of the target pests include:

  • Thrips
  • Spider mites
  • Lepidoptera caterpillars
  • Leafminers
  • Mealybugs
  • Psyllids

Advantages of Ancora Microbial Insecticide

Ancora is effective at controlling the most damaging plant insects and mites in greenhouses and plant nurseries. It's safe to use in outdoor containers and doesn't harm beneficial insects when used in field-grown nursery stock. The naturally occurring fungus works quickly and should be used within one month of opening the package. The major benefits include:

  • Kills soil-dwelling and foliar pests within three days
  • Labeled for use in greenhouses and shade houses
  • Very effective for resistance management
  • Offers broad-spectrum control of invasive pests
  • Easy to mix and apply in the target area

Control Pests Naturally With Ancora Insecticide

Thrips, whiteflies and other plant-damaging pests can infest an entire greenhouse in no time, causing profit loss by the thousands. Ancora Microbial Insecticide acts quickly to infect the pest insects, killing them within one to three days. It's a highly infectious fungus and works faster than similar insecticides that contain traditional chemicals. Its mode of action is designed to work on even the most resistant insect pests, giving commercial growers a way to save their plants without the need for chemical sprays.


Manufacturer OHP
Primary Pest Plant Mites
Active Ingredient Isaria fumosorosea Apopka Strain 97, Other Ingredients
Composition 20%, 80%
Container Size 1 case - 10 bags
Delivery Takes 1.5 weeks for product to be delivered
Application Amount See label for details.



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