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An effective herbicide should kill weeds quickly and also provide long-lasting control. Total Tribute does it all thanks to its three active ingredients. It's an all-in-one solution for combating the most difficult weeds while also preventing future outbreaks. It can be used everywhere from homes lawns to sports fields and is the ideal product for use in a professional turf management program.

How Tribute Total Works

Tribute Total contains three active ingredients for maximum weed control: foramsulfuron, halosulfuron and thiencarbazone-methyl. All three ingredients work by inhibiting acetolactate synthase (ALS), which results in stunted growth and death. They slow cell division and interrupt protein synthesis, halting the weed's growth and causing it to die. Combined, these ingredients make Tribute Total herbicide a highly effective product for killing and controlling postemergent weeds.

Where to Use Tribute Total

Tribute Total can be used most anywhere to combat weed growth. It's ideal for use on home lawns and other residential landscapes. It can also be applied to turfgrass on commercial properties, as well as recreational sites like sports fields and golf courses. It can be used across the golf course to control weeds, except on the greens and overseeded tees. It's a selective herbicide, so it kills the labeled weeds while causing little to no harm to surrounding plants. It's ideal for use in established Bermuda to kill a variety of weeds such as kyllinga and crabgrass.

Target Weeds

Tribute Total controls a wide range of weeds on the labeled sites. Use it to kill and control bentgrass and chickweed, clover and dandelion, and both smooth and large crabgrass. It can be applied on the target turfgrass to control dollarweed, doveweed and henbit, including goosegrass and nutsedge. It's effective against plantain and ryegrass and can even kill and control spurge and other hard-to-control weeds when used as directed.

Tribute Total Features and Benefits

The three combined ingredients in Tribute Total make it the ultimate postemergent herbicide. This weed killer acts quickly on the target weeds, removing them from the site and providing long-lasting control after application. It can be used on home lawns and noncrop sites like cemeteries, as well as athletic fields and other recreational areas. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Controls crabgrass, kyllinga and hard-to-control sedges
  • Provides residual control in the application area
  • Can be used on golf courses except the greens and overseeded tees
  • For use as a transitional aid to eliminated overseeded lawns
  • Contains three active ingredients for maximum weed control

Get Postemergent Weed Control with Tribute Total

Tribute Total is a total weed killer thanks to its specialized formulation. It's a selective, postemergent herbicide that can be used in residential, commercial and recreational areas. It provides long-lasting control and kills a wide variety of annual and perennial grassy weeds. When used as directed, it keeps lawns and landscapes free of weeds for the season. Whether it's to knock down dandelions on the sports field or crabgrass in the backyard, Tribute Total does the job of three herbicides in one.





Active Ingredient

Thiencabazone-methyl 9.9%

Foramsulfuron 19.8%

Halosulfuron 30.8%

Container Size

6 oz

Application Amount

See label for details.





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