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Broadleaf weeds and sedges die quickly to the powerful ingredients in Blindside herbicide. This selective herbicide works on postemergent weeds and is safe to use on most cool- and warm-season grasses. It comes in water-dispersible granules and penetrates the soil, working up through the roots to kill the weeds. It also works on foliar contact, killing the plant with dual modes of action.

How Blindside Herbicide Works

Blindside contains two active ingredients for greater weed control: metsulfuron and sulfentrazone. These two chemicals work at the cellular level and start to kill the weeds on the surface as well as through the roots. This herbicide works quickly and shows visual signs of plant injury within a week of application. It works underground and on the foliage to target the entire weed and to kill it fast.

Where to Use Blindside Herbicide

Weeds grow most everywhere, even on pristine golf courses and athletic fields. It takes a potent herbicide to get rid of weeds without killing the grass. Blindside is perfect for use on recreational sites and golf courses, limiting it to the fairways and roughs. It should not be used on the greens. It can be used to control weeds on residential and commercial landscapes, as well as noncrop sites like roadsides. It protects commercial sod farms from weed growth and is safe for use on turf such as Kentucky bluegrass and St. Augustine.

Target Weeds

Blindside WDG herbicide targets more than 70 different weed species on home lawns, business landscapes and recreational sites. It tackles hard-to-control broadleaf weeds and sedges, including chickweed, henbit and both large and smooth crabgrass. It eliminates clover patches and kills resilient weeds like buttonweed. It only takes a week for weed injury and control to occur after application. Some common target weeds include:

  • Barnyardgrass
  • Dogfennel
  • Ground ivy
  • Speedwell
  • Spurge

The Benefits of Blindside Herbicide

It only takes a few weeks for weeds to spread over the landscape. It's even harder to control them once they've germinated. With Blindside herbicide, broadleaf weeds die within a week of application. It controls annual and perennial sedges and is safe to use on many cool- and warm-season grasses. Refer to the label for the exact instructions for use. Other benefits include:

  • Kills more than 70 different broadleaf weeds and sedges
  • Shows visible control in a week
  • For use in residential, commercial and recreational turf
  • Can be used on commercial sod farms
  • Controls weeds and sedges on golf course fairways

Kill Postemergent Weeds With Blindside

Blindside herbicide works more quickly and delivers faster results than similar products in its class. It contains two active ingredients for a more effective mode of action on hard-to-control weeds. It works through the roots and on the foliage, killing the plant from top to bottom. Once it's in the soil, Blindside stops weeds from germinating the following year. It decreases the weed population on home lawns and continues to provide effective, long-lasting residual weed control for months after a single application.






Active Ingredient

Sulfentrazone 60%

Metsulfuron-methyl 6%

Container Size

0.5 lbs

Application Amount

See label for details.





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