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It takes a reliable product to get rid of broadleaf weeds before they take over the landscape. Avenue South is a broadleaf herbicide specially designed to kill a variety of weeds with just one application. In fact, visible results will be noticed within a few days. It's perfect for use on golf courses, residential sites and other areas where weeds have emerged.

How Avenue South Works

Avenue South contains three ingredients to achieve faster and more effective weed control. The first is dicamba, which is known to increase the weed's growth rate and make it outgrow its nutrient supplies, resulting in its death. The second is penoxsulam, which inhibits ALS function in the weed and causes death for postemergent weeds. The third is sulfentrazone, which causes cell death in the plants. It's a potent ingredient that kills sedges and other hard-to-control weeds.

Where to Use Avenue South Herbicide

Use Avenue South broadleaf herbicide in areas where weeds have emerged and taken over the property. It's ideal for use on warm-season grasses such as St. Augustine and zoysiagrass. It can be used on residential sites to combat weed growth, as well as commercial landscapes. Apply Avenue South on ornamental turf sites and recreational areas like parks and playgrounds. It can be very effective at killing and controlling weeds on sod farms, golf courses and other noncrop sites.

Target Weeds

The three ingredients in Avenue South make it an effective weed killer. It knocks down common yard weeds like clover and dandelion, as well as thistles and buttonweed. It even suppresses yellow nutsedge when using the appropriate application rates. Use Avenue South to fight black medic, aster and beggarweed, as well as dollarweed, spurge and bedstraw. See the label for a complete list of the target weeds and how much to apply for effective results.

Avenue South Features and Benefits

Having three ingredients gives Avenue South a triple mode of action to bring down hard-to-control weeds. All it takes is one application to kill and control everything from clover patches to dandelions. It also suppresses yellow nutsedge, giving Avenue South an advantage over similar herbicides. Some of the major benefits of using Avenue South for killing and controlling broadleaf weeds include:

  • A water-based formulation with three active ingredients
  • Shows visual effects within three days of application
  • Can be used in residential, commercial and recreational sites
  • Rainfast in as little as four hours
  • Kills and controls dozens of broadleaf weeds and sedges

Avenue South Gets Rid of Weeds

When broadleaf weeds threaten the appearance of lawns and landscapes, get rid of them all with Avenue South herbicide. It contains three ingredients that work together to kill weeds within two to four weeks. Symptoms start to show within three days, such as leaf and stem curling and yellowing. It's easily absorbed by the roots, shoots and foliage and can be used on home lawns, sports fields and other turf sites. Whether it's yellow nutsedge or thistle, use Avenue South to kill the weeds quickly.


PBI Gordon



Active Ingredient

2,4-D 7.28%

Dicamba 2.06%

Penoxsulam 0.70%

Sulfentrazone 0.70%

Container Size

1 gallon or 2.5 gallons

Application Amount

See label for details.





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