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Verde-Lawn is a calcitic limestone combined with PHCA to stimulate root growth and to improve germination. It's formulated with a variety of must-have nutrients for the turf and also makes fertilizers work better by boosting overall nutrient uptake. It maintains the lawn's pH levels and provides quicker response at much less application rates than other limestone products.

How Verde-Lawn Works

Verde-Lawn Quick-Acting Calcitic Limestone contains 37 percent calcium, along with 91 percent calcium carbonate equivalent, among other nutrients. It also contains PHCA, or polyhydroxycarboxylic acid, from plant extracts as a complexing agent. PHCA is a game-changer as it adjusts the pH levels within weeks. Verde-Lawn reduces hydrogen, sodium and chlorine in the lawn and also in the soil, improving nutrient uptake and strengthening the lawn's resistance to various diseases.

Where to Use Verde-Lawn

Because of its unique formulation, Verde-Lawn delivers calcium now, not later. It promotes lush, healthy residential and commercial lawns, as well as sports turf. Apply 5 pounds per 1,000 square feet at least twice per growing season to maintain optimum pH levels and growing conditions for home lawns, athletic fields and other turf sites.

Features and Benefits

Verde-Lawn is formulated for all lawn care and sports turf applications. It maintains pH levels, provides more calcium, and even enhances microbial activity in the soil. It's made to improve soil structure, providing better water absorption and keeping it readily available for the lawn. Other benefits include:

  • Promotes faster response at lower rates
  • Delivers calcium to the turf and soil immediately
  • Saves time, labor and costs
  • Improves germination, reduces chlorine, and boosts root growth
  • Provides better results than traditional limestone products

Verde-Lawn Makes Fertilizers Work Better

Verde-Lawn improves fertilizers by increasing soil aeration and leaches out excessive sodium from the soil. It includes its own nutrient formula to combine with fertilizers for greater nutrient availability and uptake. Not only does it improve root growth and germination, but it also strengthens the lawn by delivering maximum calcium to the cells for greater disease resistance.




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