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This starter fertilizer is perfect for feeding the plants what they need to grow and to build a strong root system. It contains the right amount of nutrients to balance deficiencies while also helping the turf fight against diseases and unwanted weed growth.

How Award 11-23-10 Fertilizer Works

This 11-23-10 seed-starting fertilizer contains a high amount of phosphorus. If unsure if this level of phosphorus is needed, a soil test can indicate the levels. It's useful whenever seeding to help the plants grow stronger with a resilient root system. Strong roots will also help keep weeds from overtaking the lawn and stealing nutrients like nitrogen and potassium from the turf.

Where to Use 11-23-10 Fertilizer

Use Award 11-23-10 turf fertilizer whenever seeding or if soil tests indicate low levels of phosphorus. It has a high nitrogen rate with additional potassium (k2o) for added benefits like healthier development, greener appearance, and resistance to stresses such as adverse weather conditions.

Award Fertilizer Features and Benefits

Award fertilizer is easy to apply with a spreader and will show better results when followed by watering. It's a great seed-starting fertilizer and brings back valuable phosphorus to nutrient-deficient soil. Other benefits include:

  • Can be used in numerous turfgrass sites
  • Perfect for use when seeding
  • Boosts seed development and growth

Promote Seed Germination with Award Turf Fertilizer

Fertilizers are always necessary for soils that lack the proper amount of nutrients. This turf fertilizer is ideal for seeding and for soils that just don't have enough phosphorus to promote healthy growth and development. It's applied easily with a spreader and can be used across a variety of turf sites, from home lawns to commercial properties whenever seeding.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Trimble
Bought for fall overseed

Haven’t used it yet but will revisit my review in the fall.

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