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Fungal diseases quickly take hold of ornamental plants and crops, causing massive damage and economic loss. Topaz is a powerful fungicide used to control and protect against various fungal pathogens. It contains an active ingredient that delivers quick results and offers excellent control whether it's used alone or in rotation with other fungicides in a pest management program.

How Topaz Fungicide Works

Topaz fungicide contains the active ingredient propiconazole. It has a specific mode of action in which it affects ergosterol synthesis in the fungus, halting the growth process and eventually killing it. It's used to protect plants in a variety of agricultural settings and provides broad-spectrum control of many different fungal diseases that affect ornamentals and food crops.

Where to Use Topaz Fungicide

Topaz fungicide can be used with or without an adjuvant, though using an adjuvant may enhance efficacy on the target plants. Use it to treat and protect against fungal diseases on food crops such as almonds, corn, soybeans and berries. It can be applied in a variety of ways, providing flexible application options by ground and air. When used in a resistance management program, Topaz ensures effective control of fungal diseases. It may be used in many different crops to prevent fungal pathogens. Refer to the label for the exact crop sites and usage rates before applying Topaz for fungus control.

Target Diseases

Topaz fungicide controls dozens of fungal diseases on crops, ornamentals and turf. Use it to kill and control brown rot blossom blight and black sigatoka. It's highly effective against common diseases such as anthracnose, as well as powdery mildew and leaf spot. Apply it on the crops and ornamentals to control early blight, late blight and foot rot. It's best to apply Topaz before rainfall to achieve the best results. When used as directed, it's the ideal product to control fusarium, rust and other fungal diseases.

Topaz Features and Benefits

The fact that Topaz controls so many different fungal diseases makes it the go-to product to bring into a resistance management program. However, it can work just as effectively without being part of a rotation. It controls numerous diseases and can be combined with an adjuvant like Droplex for enhanced efficacy. Some of the main reasons to use Topaz to control fungal diseases include:

  • Contains propiconazole for improved fungus control
  • Effective against anthracnose and other common diseases
  • Can be used in rotation in a resistance management program
  • Delivers exceptional control and protection
  • For use on agricultural crops, ornamentals and turf

Control Mildews and More with Topaz

Topaz is the perfect fungicide to use against common diseases like leaf spot, anthracnose and fusarium blight. It can be used as-is, with or without an adjuvant, or as a rotational product in a resistance management program. It can be applied by ground or air and contains an active ingredient that gets to the source of the fungus and stops it from growing. Whether it's to protect against diseases on corn or to prevent leaf spot on ornamental plants, nothing provides greater protection than Topaz by Heritage PPG.

Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Utility  Fungicide
Active Ingredient Propiconazole, Other Ingredients
Container Size 2.5 Gallon
Application Amount See label for details.


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