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Bifen IT liquid insecticide works quickly to prevent pest infestations in homes, businesses and agricultural areas. The active ingredient provides residual control and helps to knock out infestations at the source. It can be used on some food crops since the chemical ingredient doesn't harm the plants. Whether it's ants at home or mealybugs on farms, Bifen IT is the go-to pest control solution.

How Does Bifen IT Work?

Bifen IT gets its name from the active ingredient bifenthrin. This ingredient is a synthetic pyrethroid that, although it doesn't provide immediate knockdown, will kill the pest insects over time. The chemical works by targeting the central nervous system. It sticks to the insects' bodies, staying with them when they return to the nest and infecting other colony members. Bifen works within minutes and causes death not long after application.

Where to Use Bifen IT Insecticide

Bifen IT can be used indoors and outdoors to target the labeled pests. It works to control pantry pests in homes and ornamental turf pests on lawns and athletic sites. Farmers benefit from using Bifen IT to prevent crop damage to cereal grains and certain fruits and vegetables. Bifen works as a curative and preventive treatment for many different insects on commercial landscapes, recreational sites and livestock houses. It can even be applied in food-handling areas when used as directed.

Target Pests

Bifen IT insecticide targets and kills more than 75 different pest insects both indoors and outdoors. It targets ants, termites and fleas, as well as carpenter bees, roaches and spiders. It controls mites, chinch bugs and carpet beetles, as well as stink bugs in homes. Use Bifen for indoor and outdoor pest control. It lasts for up to six months when applied outdoors, providing effective residual control with one application. Some other target pests include:

  • Ticks
  • Earwigs
  • Whiteflies
  • Clothes moths
  • Japanese beetles

Benefits of Bifen IT for Pest Infestations

Bifen IT starts to work on contact and continues to kill and control pest insects for months after application. The chemical ingredient controls numerous insects and wipes out entire colonies thanks to its slow mode of action. It can be used indoors and outdoors and works on the most resistant pest species such as fire ants, fleas and bed bugs (in nonresidential areas). Other benefits include:

  • Easy to apply with traditional spray equipment
  • Safe to use around people and pets when dry
  • Doesn't stain surfaces
  • Can be used in food-prep areas like restaurant kitchens
  • Provides up to three months of residual pest control

Bifen IT Insecticide Kills and Controls Pests

Bifen IT kills the most resistant pest insects in residential, commercial and recreational areas. It's useful for controlling ant and termite populations and wiping out infestations for months. The active ingredient has a slow mode of action to infect the insects, giving them time to transfer the chemical to the nest. Bifen IT doesn't stain surfaces or leave behind a lingering odor in the target area, making it perfect for use indoors.


Manufacturer Control Solutions Inc.
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Concentrated Liquid
Active Ingredient Bifenthrin, Other Ingredients
Composition 7.9%,92.1%
Container Size 3/4 Gallon
Case Amount 4(3x4 GA)
Application Amount See label for details.



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