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Controlling annual and perennial weeds and grasses comes down to using the right herbicide at the right time. Turflon Ester Ultra is the right specialty herbicide for the job. It contains an active ingredient known for its effectiveness against the most common broadleaf weeds and kikuyu grass. Not only that, but the environmentally friendly formulation makes it a winner against the competition.

How Turflon Ester Ultra Works

Turflon Ester Ultra contains triclopyr as the active ingredient. It's a selective herbicide, which means it targets and kills the labeled weeds without harming desirable plants in the application area. It has a specific mode of action whereby it mimics plant growth hormones and interferes with the natural growing process. One application is all it takes to disrupt the weed's growth and cause it to die.

Where to Use Turflon Ester Ultra

Turflon Ester Ultra is labeled for use in ornamental turf. It's used for the complete control of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and kikuyu grass. It can be used in perennial bluegrass and ryegrass, as well as tall fescue ornamental turf. It may also be applied to the turfgrass in sod farms and golf courses when used as directed. See the label for exact mixing and application instructions to achieve the desired effect over the labeled broadleaf weeds and kikuyu grass. It should not be applied in conditions where drift is possible.

Target Weeds

Use Turflon Ester Ultra to control a wide variety of weeds in ornamental turfgrass. It effectively controls black medic and bull thistle, burdock and Canada thistle, and chicory and clover. Use it to control creeping beggarweed and curly dock, as well as dandelion, ground ivy and kikuyu grass. It works well against oxalis and ragweed, including smartweed, plantain and yarrow. Other labeled weeds include lambsquarters, matchweed, wild lettuce and vetch. See the label for a complete list.

Turflon Ester Ultra Features and Benefits

Turflon Ester Ultra uses an effective ingredient to control numerous weeds and kikuyu grass. It contains a nonpetroleum seed oil that helps to reduce its overall impact on the environment. It performs better and has a reduced odor in the application area. Because it doesn't contain petroleum distillates, there's less volatile organic compounds being released into the atmosphere. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Controls annual and perennial broadleaf weeds
  • For the successful control of kikuyu grass
  • Can be used in perennial bluegrass and ryegrass
  • Labeled for use in ornamental turf and golf courses
  • Controls everything from clover to ground ivy

Turflon Ester Ultra: Broad-Spectrum Weed Control

Turflon Ester Ultra is the ultimate postemergent herbicide for use in ornamental turf. It controls clover, dandelion and other common broadleaf weeds, as well as kikuyu grass. It can be used in perennial ryegrass and bluegrass, including other ornamental turf. It doesn't contain any petroleum, so it's less harmful to the environment. It performs well in most conditions and doesn't cause a foul odor in the application area. When weeds have taken over ornamental turf sites, eliminate them all with the power of Turflon Ester Ultra.





Active Ingredient

Triclopyr 60.45%

Container Size

1 gal

Application Amount

See label for details.





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