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Non-croplands are easily overrun by weeds and woody plants. With Garlon 3A herbicide, it won't take long to bring broadleaf weeds and brush under control. It's a selective herbicide, so it's highly effective on target weeds and less harmful to desirable grasses and plants. Garlon can be applied directly to the foliage and is rainfast in two hours or less.

How Garlon 3A Works

Garlon 3A selective herbicide is used for post-emergent control of woody plants and broadleaf weeds. It contains triclopyr as the active ingredient. Its mode of action is to mimic plant growth hormones, causing the weed to grow in a disorganized manner that leads to death. It penetrates the plant tissues and circulates throughout the plant, killing it within days of application.

Where to Use Garlon 3A

Use Garlon herbicide as a foliar application on the target weeds. It may also be applied to emerged weeds and woody plants in standing water. It can be used along roadsides and rights-of-way, fence rows and non-irrigation ditch banks. Apply it on forestry sites and pastures, and use it on woody plants that overtake pipelines, railroads and utility areas. Be sure to read the label to prevent unintentional harm to plants and grasses when applying Garlon 3A on pond and lake shores.

Features and Benefits

Garlon 3A herbicide provides flexible application options and broad-spectrum control of many different weeds and woody brushes like kudzu, sweetgum, ragweed and poison oak. It penetrates the plant tissue and translocates throughout its system, killing it from the shoots to the roots. Other benefits include:

  • Selective control of weeds on warm- and cool-season grasses
  • Perfect for aquatic and forestry sites
  • Keeps weeds off roadsides and railroads
  • Available in 2.5-gallon sizes

Take Control of Woody Brush with Garlon

Using Garlon 3A post-emergent herbicide is the right choice for controlling woody plants like kudzu along roadsides. It transforms weedy rights-of-way into clear areas for growing desirable turfgrasses and ornamentals. It provides selective, broad-spectrum control and can even be used around aquatic sites when applied as directed. Whether it's sweetgum blocking forestry openings or unwanted plants along pond banks, Garlon gets rid of the weeds and brushes in no time.






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2.5 gallon

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