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Final Soft Bait rodenticide contains a highly effective active ingredient to kill rats and mice quickly. It also contains a substance to locate rodent droppings in the area. The bait should be used in bait stations to keep it fresh and to prevent tampering. It should also be handled with gloves as it has an oily surface and can cause redness on exposed skin.

How Final Soft Bait Works

Final Soft Bait contains the active ingredient brodifacoum, an anticoagulant poison that gets into the rodent's bloodstream after ingesting the bait. It prevents the blood from clotting, which results in bleeding and death afterward. The bait also contains Lumitrak, a chemical substance that causes the droppings to glow under UV lighting. It makes it easier to locate and identify the droppings when inspecting the area for infestations.

Where to Use Final Soft Bait

Final Soft Bait with Lumitrak can be used indoors and outdoors within 100 feet of the structure. When used inside and outside, it's recommended to place the bait in a rat or mouse bait station. The active ingredient is toxic to people and animals, but vitamin K1 is available to counteract the poison. Use Final Soft Bait rodenticide in and around homes, businesses, commercial buildings and agricultural structures like warehouses and barns. It can be placed in transport vehicles like trains and ships to prevent rat and mouse infestations.

Target Pests

Final Soft Bait is specially formulated to appeal to rats and mice as it has food-grade ingredients for better acceptance and control. The active ingredient is effective against warfarin-resistant Norway rats, as well as roof rats and common house mice. It may also kill other rodents in the target area, such as meadow voles. The bait should be placed every 15 to 30 feet to target the rats and mice more effectively.

Advantages of Final Soft Bait

The Lumitrak in the bait gives Final Soft Bait an advantage over other rodenticides. It glows under a black light, making it easy to spot the droppings in out-of-the-way areas like crawl spaces and wall voids. The active ingredient is also a game changer, making the bait effective against Norway rats. Some other advantages of using Final Soft Bait for rat control include:

  • Comes in easy-to-place sachets
  • Encourages feeding thanks to the formulation
  • Easy to identify droppings under a UV light
  • Can be used in homes, businesses and other labeled areas
  • Kills mice and rats within days of feeding

Eliminate Rodent Infestations With Final Soft Bait

Kill Norway rats, roof rats and mice with Final Soft Bait rodenticide with Lumitrak. It kills the rodents within days of feeding and controls the rodent population in the target area. It can be applied throughout the year and won't melt or freeze in extreme climates. It's designed for use in bait stations with center rods and can be used to kill rodents in homes and other locations. Whether it's invasive house mice or roof rats, Final Soft Bait kills the rodents quickly.

Primary Pest Rodent
Utility  Bait
Active Ingredient Bromethalin, Other Ingredients
Composition 0.0025%, 99.9975%
Container Size 484X15 gm pails
Case Amount 484X15 gm pails
Application Amount See label for details.



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