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If a product gets rid of all stages of the insects, it should always be the preferred treatment for infestations. Monterey Take Down Garden Spray RTU provides broad-spectrum control of many different insects and mites and can be used in a variety of areas, from houseplants to fruits and vegetables. It not only kills invasive pests but provides long-lasting control thanks to its effect on the eggs.

How Take Down Garden Spray Works

Take Down Garden Spray contains two active ingredients: canola oil and pyrethrins. The canola oil works like a horticultural oil and coats the pests, killing them by suffocation. The pyrethrins flush out the insects and target their central nervous system, causing quick knockdown and death. Together, the two ingredients are a one-two treatment solution for combating nasty pest infestations.

Where to Use Take Down Garden Spray

Monterey Take Down Garden Spray is ideal for use in both dormant and growing seasons. It's labeled for outdoor residential use, indoor use and can be used in other areas to kill and control pest infestations on fruits, vegetables, shade trees and shrubs. Use it on roses, turfgrass and flowerbeds to stop pests from damaging the plants. It can be applied to fruit and nut trees, herbs and flowers. It doesn't contain harmful chemicals that could damage the plants.

Target Pests

Take Down Garden Spray is an insecticide and has two ingredients to achieve maximum results. It kills and controls everything from aphids to mites. The pyrethrins affect the insects at the moment of contact while the canola oil spreads over the surface of the plant, suffocating every insect in its path. Use it to kill fungus gnats, aphids, spider mites, leafminers and other pests. It's highly effective and can be used indoors on houseplants and outdoors on roses and edible crops.

Take Down Garden Spray Features and Benefits

Take Down Garden Spray is yet another product from Monterey that uses naturally occurring ingredients to target insect pests. It can be used on everything from roses to houseplants, keeping them protected from insect and mite damage. It not only works on the adults but also the eggs, preventing them from causing a future infestation. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Provides two modes of action for superior pest control
  • Contains two active ingredients for faster results
  • Kills existing infestations and prevents egg hatching
  • Perfect for residential use
  • Can be applied to roses, bedding plants, fruits and vegetables

Kills Insects and Mites with Take Down Garden Spray

Take Down Garden Spray provides several benefits for pest control. It can be used in gardens and homes and provides broad-spectrum control against insects and mites. It's perfect for use on vegetables, shade trees, ornamentals, shrubs and houseplants. Refer to the label for even more application areas. Whether it's to kill fungus gnats on fruits and vegetables or to prevent mites from destroying the garden, Take Down Garden Spray takes down the insects and mites with just one application.

Customer Reviews

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Dennis Goodenow

This is a great product. I had a bad infestation of spider mites and white flies this year and this spray is taking them down!

Thank you.


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