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It takes more than a residual insecticide to eliminate pest infestations on growing crops, shrubs and trees. Evergreen EC 60 contains two active ingredients to knock down insect pests quickly and to remove infestations from the target area. It can be used on most commercial ornamentals and trees, including areas with livestock and poultry, as well as greenhouse crops when used as directed.

How Evergreen Crop Protection Works

Evergreen Crop Protection EC 60 Insecticide contains pyrethrins as the active ingredient. It's derived from natural pyrethrins in the wild, which originate from chrysanthemum flowers. It has a paralytic effect on the insects, affecting their nervous system and knocking them down at the moment of contact. Evergreen EC 60 also contains a synergist known as piperonyl butoxide, which enhances the pyrethrins and makes the ingredient more effective than when used alone.

Where to Use Evergreen EC 60

Evergreen EC 60 insecticide is labeled for use in commercial farms and greenhouses to control various crawling and flying insect pests. It can be used in livestock and poultry housing, as well as on ornamental plants, shrubs and trees. It can be applied through sprays as well as irrigation systems to provide total pest control in the labeled areas. Use it on greenhouse crops such as root and tuber vegetables, bulb vegetables, citrus fruits and more.

Target Insects

With more than 100 labeled insects, it's hard to find another insecticide that provides as much control over greenhouse and commercial farm pests as Evergreen EC 60. It's highly effective against fruit flies, as well as leaf-destroying insects like aphids, thrips and whiteflies. Use it against fleas, fire ants and fungus gnats, as well as deer flies, earwigs and even diamondback moth larvae and other damaging pests. It can be used to control face flies and clover mites, crane flies and armyworms, and mealybugs and wasps.

Advantages of Evergreen EC 60 Insecticide

The active ingredients in Evergreen Crop Protection EC 60 Insecticide make it a vital part of any integrated pest management (IPM) program. It can be used on everything from greenhouse vegetables to ornamental shrubs and trees. It knocks down the pests quickly without the need to use multiple insecticides in the target area. Other advantages of Evergreen insecticide include:

  • Contains pyrethrins for quick knockdown of labeled pests
  • Has a synergist for greater effectiveness
  • Controls everything from crane flies to thrips and whiteflies
  • Can be used in commercial farms and greenhouses
  • For use as a water system treatment in hydroponics

Kill More Than 100 Insect Pests With Evergreen EC

It's hard to beat the fast and effective action of Evergreen Crop Protection EC 60 Insecticide for pest control. It can be used in greenhouses and on ornamental shrubs and trees to kill everything from aphids and thrips to midges and whiteflies. It also controls resistant pest insects like cockroaches and ants. Evergreen can be tank-mixed with other insecticides for more control over the target pests. Whether it's crane flies or ants, Evergreen knocks them down quickly for immediate control in the target area.

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