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It doesn't take long for insects to destroy greenhouse plants and turf, especially if it's a massive infestation. DiPel Pro DF is a dry flowable insecticide and kills various pests while controlling the population, preventing damage to fruits, vegetables and flowers. It contains a lethal dose of a natural bacterium to stop the pests from feeding within the first hour and then kills them hours later.

How DiPel Pro DF Insecticide Works

DiPel Pro DF contains the active ingredient Bacillus thuringiensis v. kurstaki, shortened to Btk in most cases. It's a naturally occurring bacterium that kills caterpillars and borers on evergreens, turf and other places. When the pests ingest the active ingredient, it only takes an hour for it to start working. A few hours later, it's possible to see visual results of the insects dying after ingesting the insecticide.

Where to Use DiPel Pro

DiPel Pro DF insecticide is labeled for commercial growers who are qualified to apply insecticides in the target areas. Pro DF can be used on landscape and nursery-grown ornamentals and combats a variety of pests, from bagworms to azalea caterpillars. Use it on shrubs and trees to protect them from armyworms. DiPel Pro comes in a wettable powder formulation, making it simple to apply while offering residual control of the most common plant-damaging insects, such as diamondback moths. It's harmful to labeled insects but less toxic to bees, animals and other wildlife.

Target Pests

DiPel Pro dry flowable insecticide is made for use on various pests such as California oakworms and fall webworms. Spray it to kill and control many different loopers, pine butterflies and spruce budrooms. It's very effective at controlling tent caterpillars and tobacco budworms. Some common target pests include the following:

  • Jack pine budworms
  • Saddleback caterpillars
  • Diamondback moths
  • Bagworms

DiPel Pro DF Features and Benefits

Insect larvae cause intense damage in no time if they're not controlled with a powerful insecticide. A contact spray kills an infestation, but it doesn't provide long-lasting residual control to prevent future infestations. DiPel Pro DF insecticide not only stops the insects from feeding within the first hour of application but also kills them within a few hours or days depending on the species and the severity of the infestation. Some other features and benefits of DiPel Pro dry flowable insecticide include:

  • Can be used outdoors and in hydroponics and grow rooms
  • Targets many different caterpillars and borers
  • Best used when the insects are feeding but before devastation occurs
  • Prevents massive damage when treated early in the season
  • For use before and on the same day of harvest

DiPel Pro is Made for Commercial Growers

Prevent insects from damaging the vegetation in greenhouses, container plants and more with DiPel Pro DF dry flowable insecticide. It can be used by itself or with an approved spread-sticker for use on harvested crops. The active ingredient kills and controls numerous pests and starts to work within the first hour of application. Whether it's to protect greenhouse crops from caterpillars or outdoor crops from borers, nothing provides long-lasting results like DiPel Pro DF insecticide.

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